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January 11, 2011

Lecture: The Beginning of the End

by Umm Muawiyah

Assalamu Alaikum.

[Note: Sorry, I haven’t  put any references. If you wish to have them, please feel free to ask. Remember that it is your right to ask for them.]

The End = The Hereafter.

The Beginnings of this end are the appearance of the minor signs of the Last Day.

[Of course, from an individual perspective, the beginning of the end = death.]

There are soooo many minor signs of the Last Day like:

Bedouins competing in making tall buildings. [I can see them all from my house (the buildings I mean, not the Bedouins.)]

People competing to build nicer masjids. [No comment.]

Marketplaces coming nearer to one another. [Translation: Shopping malls will sprout up in every corner. Hello Ibn Battuta, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, etc.]

People decorating their homes. [Today, if you don’t decorate your house and doll it up beyond recognition, the guests will accuse you of being a cheapskate.]

The masaahif (mushafs of the Quran) will be decorated. [Someone even showed me a perfumed mushaf once.]

And there are so many more….

Does every sign point to a bad event? No, not necessarily.

The coming of the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wasallam) is one of the minor signs and the (second) coming of Isa (alaihissalam) is one of the major signs. Everybody would agree that these are not bad things.

[A major sign is that which occurs very close to the Hour which is why the coming of Isa (alaihissalam) is a major sign, but the coming of Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wasallam) is not.]

However, most of these signs don’t point to good things. Decorating homes, masjids and masaahif points to extravagance which is NOT a good thing.

What do we need to do? Well, when we come across these signs, we need to ponder over them, and ask ourselves if we are guilty of doing the actions mentioned therein.

One of the signs that I came across a long time ago was that the salaams would only be conveyed to those whom one knows.

I was shocked when I came across this hadeeth because I was guilty of doing this action.

So, we need to think and change our actions if required.

Here’s a lecture that discusses a few of the minor signs in detail. It’s by Uthman Barry (rahimahullah), my late professor.

[And yes, this is also part of Project “Give Uthman Barry some sadaqah jaariyah”.

Why, you ask? Well, I read somewhere that Imam Ash-Shafiee (rahimahullah) considered Imam Layth (rahimahullah) from Egypt to be a better jurist than Imam Maalik (rahimahullah).

Who’s Imam Layth, you ask? Exactly. We don’t know much about him.

Imam Ash-Shafiee considered Imam Layth’s students to have failed him.

How do a person’s students fail him? Well, by not conveying what they have learnt from him, thereby not benefiting their teacher.

I don’t want to make the same mistake as Imam Layth’s students.  That’s why I’ll be trying to put up as many of Ustadh Uthman’s lectures as I can so that this can benefit him, insha-Allah.]

Here’s the audio:

The Beginning of the End by Uthman Barry (rahimahullah) (Download)

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