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August 1, 2011


An Introduction to the Lord of the Worlds – Day 1

by Umm Muawiyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

So, I mentioned that I was going to start a new series in Ramadan. It’s called “An Introduction to the Lord of the Worlds”.

It’ll be a discussion about…well, Allah. I’m not going to discuss each of His Names but rather mention some of His Names and Attributes and explain how it affects us. I’m not going to go into detail, rather I wish to give an overview so that we feel motivated to learn more about Allah.

You know, most of the time, we talk about ourselves. However, if you look at the Quran, the one who is mentioned most is…Allah.

Yes, many of us put up the word  “Allah” on our walls but we don’t take out the time to learn more about who He is. The whole Quran is about Allah so that means we have to to learn about Allah.

I think the reason for many of our problems is that we truly do NOT understand who Allah is.

Sister Umm Moosa, may Allah reward her, said (in this post):

“One thing that has always worked for me is learning about the names of Allah, even if it was just listening to a lecture or reading an article about one single name. Makes a world of a difference. Sometimes we tend to focus a lot on what Allah wants from us which is very good in and off itself, but concentrate less on who Allah is and what His attributes are.”

And this is the truth. We need to learn more about Allah. Much more.

1. He is Allah

Yeah, I guess everyone knows that but many people don’t know that this name is used only for Him, not for anybody else.

Even the pagan Arabs used to use this term just for Him, not for any of their other deities.

The word “Allah” is derived from “Al-Ilaah” which means “the God” i.e. the only God worthy of being worshipped. The Arabs simplified it to “Allah” because they like ease in their speech (no, really).

What can we learn from this?

Well, for starters we could stop calling Allah “God”. It seems that many people do it out of habit whilst others do it in order to appease the disbelievers.

We don’t have to lick anybody’s boots, thank you very much.

Let’s call the Lord of the Worlds by His Name: Allah.

Another thing we learn is that He is the only one worthy of being worshipped. I’ll talk more about this in future posts, insha-Allah.

2. He is the Lord of the Worlds (Rabb Al-Alameen)

Everybody who believes that Allah is the Lord, also believes that He is the Lord of the Worlds.

Even the pagan Arabs knew this.

However, it’s not enough to just verbally acknowledge this. Our actions need to show that we truly do believe that He is the Lord of the Worlds.

If one truly believes that Allah created, controls and sustains everything and that He has power over all things, then this person will fear Allah more than he fears others. He will love Him more than he loves others. He will put his trust in Allah alone because he knows that Allah is the Master and everyone else – all of whom are created beings – are His slaves.

We need to ask ourselves a few questions:

If we believe that Allah is the Lord of the Worlds, then why do we waste our whole lives trying to please others at the expense of earning His Pleasure?

Why are we so worried about what others think but not as worried about earning His Wrath? I think we should worry more about the One who controls everything else rather than those who are under His control and are His slaves.

Why do we run to others for help and turn to Allah only after all other possibilities have been exhausted? Let’s make sure we turn to Him first and turn to Him alone. If the Lord of the Worlds is on our side, we don’t need anybody else.

Why do many of us only worship Allah in Ramadan? After all, He is not the Lord of Ramadan but rather the Lord of everything. Let’s remember the Majesty and Glory of the Lord of the Worlds and let’s worship Him all year round not just in Ramadan.

Why are we so scared of this person and that person? Why don’t we fear Him and turn to Him for help against our enemies?

Allah is the All-Powerful and He can do all things so we shouldn’t be scared of others, and especially not the enemies of Islam, because they have nobody to aid them, but we Muslims, have Allah to help us.

These are just some of the questions that we can ask ourselves. Insha-Allah, the answers should help us to improve ourselves and help us to get closer to Allah.

Insha-Allah, the future posts might be a bit longer (I was a bit rushed for time today).

Your suggestions for this series would be appreciated as well.

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  1. Faiza
    Aug 2 2011

    Would love to learn more about the attributes of Allah, really look forward to your next entries. I try and forward as much as I can to my friends and family around the world- making you universally known

    • Umm Muawiyah
      Aug 3 2011

      Assalamu Alaikum.

      Glad to see you around.

      And jazakillahu kheira for the advertising….

  2. rehana
    Aug 4 2011

    Assalamu alaikum Sister,

    I am so very glad that sister S (whom I don’t know – may Allah reward her) sent me this email & so very very glad that you decided to write articles on ” Who is Allah”. No matter how much ever we learn about our Creator, its not enough & never will be. The knowledge of Allah is such a special magnet that the more you learn about Him the more stronger is your pull towards Him. May Allah reward you for your efforts & give you more energy & zeal to continue this GREAT JOB!Thank you dear sister, from the bottom of my heart for increasing our knowledge & making that “PULL” stronger !!!

  3. haleema basheer-
    Aug 4 2011

    masha Allah, a different approach to know our Lord 7 it got me thinking- yes, why do we bother abt, what will please others& not what pleases our lord.

  4. Niha
    Aug 4 2011

    Mashallah,a thought provoking approach to Allah,Tha Creator.

  5. mutawakkil_allallah!
    Aug 4 2011

    Jazakallahu Khairan sister! i agree with sister rehana- no matter how much we learn about Allah it leaves you wanting more and more and more….like a thirst that is only quenched with the Knowledge of Allah!!! subahanAllah!

    Aug 4 2011

    Jazakallahu kher

  7. salma
    Aug 6 2011

    Assalamualikum, very intresting just reminded me of our first days at ladys club!!!!!!!Good to read through even if its a touch a reminder……..May Allah reward you for this


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