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May 7, 2012

23 Hostages – and only 9 days to do….

by Umm Muawiyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

[Note: Anyone is allowed to share my posts, obviously. However, nobody is allowed to edit or delete anything from the posts.

So, if someone were to get the posts via email and then delete something (anything, even if it’s the tags or the “PS”) before forwarding it to others, that would be a no-no. Sorry, but that’s a form of cheating, and that should be obvious.]

My acquaintance alerted me to the following story today. Some of her friends know this family and the story is in the newspapers. Here’s the summary:

– In November 2010, some Somali pirates hijacked a ship, which was going from here (Dubai, UAE) to Kenya, and took 23 people hostage.

[Note: Somalis are wonderful people in general, and one should not think badly about them because of what these pirates did.]

– After lots of negotiation between the pirates and the Pakistani government (the captain is from there), they finally arrived at a deadline: 15th May 2012

[Note: This is the extended deadline and the pirates have refused to give any more time beyond this date.]

– The amount that is still needed is 1.4 US Dollars (above 5 million Dirhams).

– If the pirates don’t get the money by this date, the hostages will be killed.

This story sounds dreadful and sadly, it’s true.

Please read the following article by the daughter of the Captain:

Warning: The story is very, very shocking. This poor girl is asking everyone to help her father and most of the people are just turning away.

For those of you who wish to know more, please visit their official pages:

Here’s an official document from a Pakistani government official.

What you can (and should) do:

1) Loads of dua (supplication) that the 23 people are freed and reunited with their families.

2) Chip in with any amount that you can.

Here are the donation details:

3) Alert as many people as you can about this case.

I know some people might be thinking “Huh? 1.4 million? That too in 9 days??”

Look, Allah is Ar-Razzaq (the Provider) and the One who has control over all things. We just need to do our part and put our trust in Him.

If each person gives a little bit and alerted everyone they know, then believe me, the required amount will be collected, insha-Allah.

Some might think that paying the ransom is playing into the hands of the pirates.

Firstly, that’s easy to say when it’s not our own family and friends. [Sorry but that’s the truth.]

Secondly, this money is actually “the costs incurred” for the pirates. The ransom was apparently $8-10 million and the Pakistani government negotiated with the pirates and brought the amount down.

So, please brothers and sisters, follow the steps above to the best of your ability and don’t delay. The hostages have only 9 days left. 

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